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Musilinx is a simple online directory for you to discover new audio plugins.

What’s this about?

We are passionate about music production, and the world of plugins and software is teeming with gems from exceptional manufacturers and developers. Immersed in the realm of music production as producers ourselves, we frequently stumble upon fantastic new plugins and software that we can’t wait to share.

Enter our online directory, a project born out of the desire to assist fellow music producers in uncovering hidden treasures among developers and plugins, ultimately enhancing their music production endeavors while saving valuable time. Moreover, we aim to provide a platform for emerging developers and projects, offering them visibility and a chance to be introduced to the vibrant music production community.

Musilinx.com is your free gateway to this enriching world. We don’t retail plugins, offer paid memberships, or publish articles for a fee. Our focus is solely on aiding you in discovering new brands and trademarks that can elevate your music production experience. Explore freely and let Musilinx be your companion in the ever-evolving landscape of music creation.

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If you’re an audio plugin developer not featured in our directory or eager to have your plugins introduced, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your contributions matter, and we’re excited about the prospect of showcasing your work. Feel free to drop us a message.