Welcome to Musilinx.com

Musilinx is sa simple online directory for audio plugin developers.

What’s this about?

We love music production and there are countless good plugins and software from great manufacturers and developers. As producers, music production is our daily business. We often discover great new plugins and software we didn’t know about yet.

By creating this online directory, we want to help music producers discover new developers and plugins to enrich their music productions and save some time. Also, we want to give new developers and projects a chance to be found and introduced.

Musilinx.com is free to use. We don’t sell plugins ourselves and we don’t offer paid memberships or articles. That’s why we always make sure to support the content of the manufacturer or developer and prefer linking official manufacturer videos instead of our own. This way the manufacturers can attract even more attention and generate more clicks.

Be a part of us.

If you are a developer of audio plugins who is not listed here yet or if you want us to introduce your plugins, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your message.